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The Des Moines Heritage Trust

Who are we?

The Des Moines Heritage Trust is a non-profit organization that was created to save historic buildings in the Metropolitan Des Moines area. Many buildings in the community are currently endangered due to neglect or redevelopment. Many development companies and non-profit organizations exist to provide housing, office spaces, and other types of development. Frequently, historic properties are demolished in the process of redevelopment. There is a need for an organization to rescue these undervalued historic sites.

What are we up to?

The Des Moines Heritage Trust (DMHT) intends to be the vehicle for historic building redevelopment in Des Moines. We plan on establishing a trust fund and leveraging assets through acquired properties. Our current project is a historic depot in the East Village of Des Moines. This project is funded by private events and individual fundraising. The depot will become the home for the Des Moines Heritage Trust and an adjacent building will become and events center. The events center will be available for rentals, educational events, and cultural programming. 

Our future

Historic properties are often in the way of redevelopment and demolished as a result. It is often too late to save historic buildings due to the lack of funds preservationist societies can provide. The Des Moines Heritage Trust will step in to work with developers, the city, and property owners to come up with better solutions. Utilizing the trust fund, leveraged assets, and cost of development, many historic buildings can be saved that would otherwise be demolished.

The history of the 1909 East Des Moines Union Depot
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