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Historic Depot In The East Village

 Des Moines Heritage Trust’s first project is the historic depot in the East Village. The depot will host Des Moines area heritage organizations like the Des Moines Historical Society, Historic East Village, Des Moines Rehabbers Club, and others. The depot will provide opportunities for the community to learn more about Des Moines’ architectural and cultural heritage.

About The Depot Project

The depot was constructed in 1909 by W.H. Brereton for the Des Moines Union Railway. The depot once served as a passenger station and its revitalization has preserved its unique Flemish Revival style. Today it serves as a hub for the community to learn about Des Moines area heritage.


Next to the depot is the Des Moines Heritage Center, an events center. The events center serves as a rental space as well as leveraged property for the rehabilitation of other historic properties. Through the event center windows, visitors have a breathtaking view of the brilliant gold dome of the capitol building.


The Des Moines Heritage Center and Depot are now open and accepting reservations. Contact Sarah Eshoo at or (515) 505 - 7900.

Economic Impact

The depot space has a definite impact on our immediate community. By renovating the depot instead of demolition, it has provided 49 new jobs and paid around $1,000,000 in workers’ wages. In the more long term, we expect to see more money being spent on businesses here in Des Moines. The state will see over $130,000 in tax revenue every year from this project. We will expect to see over $1,500,000 in spending in Des Moines by visitors from photographers, caterers, and hotel rooms being booked.

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